Budget Boot Camp Program

A series of 5 module that will explore, analyze, and assist you to create a personal budget or review and revitalize your existing budget.


The Secret of Money Management Success - Involves increasing your cash flow and decreasing your stress.


Being responsible with your money has its challenges.  You want to build your cash flow and have all the things you want, but you also have to:

  • Do it in secrecy
  • Try to figure it out on your own
  • Keep up costly appearances
  • Never admit you could be in trouble

When all you want to do is curl up in a ball, hoping it will all disappear. 


Surely it can’t be that difficult?   Right!


Well, it is certainly not as easy as it ought to be but, there are definitely things you can do to build your cash flow without compromising your integrity,  lifestyle, or sanity.


I have created a program especially for you if you are trying to find your way to the light at the end of the tunnel.  It takes into account your income, bills, and spending.  And for good measure, it adds a touch of planning and sums it up with balancing your financial home.


It’s called the BUDGET BOOT CAMP Program - and it could change your financial picture and your life.


We are going to cover everything you need to capture your current financial status and create a scalable expenditure for your bills and spending.  All, while still doing what you love to do with just a few tweaks, to your wants, by capitalizing on your needs.


The Budget Boot Camp Program is an online program with 5 modules.

  •  It is a self-study but with added benefits because you will have the support of me to explore, analyze, and assist you to create a personal budget or review and revitalize your existing budget.


  • Each module includes a step-by-step video broken down into bite-sized chunks that progress module by module through the steps and options available.


  • You will also get full workbooks, templates, and other resources to make your learning as easy as possible.  And it is not all heavy going.  It is taught in an informative way that will allow you to make the decision to tweak your lifestyle choices.



Module 1 = Money – and yes it is all about the money, but do you really know all the potential sources of income you have. 

Module 2 = Bills – and yes we ask ourselves where did all these bills come from as we see for the first time everything we are currently paying for.

Module 3 = Spending – and yes quite often we admit we don’t remember spending that and so much more we didn’t even realize.

Module 4 = Planning – and yes without a plan where are we heading to certainly not the path we wanted but there is still time to change the direction.

Module 5 = Balance – and yes there is nothing more gratifying than being in peace within your financial home but it does take a little work and a lot of self-reflection.


5 Awesome Modules

  • Short yet to the point tailored videos
  • 39 Module relevant worksheets
  • Work at your own pace
  • Bite-sized tasks to complete
  • All designed to increase your cash flow


If you think you are ready to step it up a level and achieve what you are actually capable of, then now would be a great time to enter into the Budget Boot Camp Program.


You receive all 5 modules for $125.00  [CDN]


This program is not for you if

  • You are not ready to make a commitment to change your financial picture.
  • Willing to put in the work to get results.
  • Happy with your current spending habits and/or debt load.


Because I want you to succeed

- On-Going Support in a Closed Facebook Group is available to you.   When you need help, advice, a place to ask questions and brainstorm solutions the group is a safe place to chat with people who understand what it is like.



Five Module Pack Included: All 5 Modules - Money - Bills - Spending - Planning - Balance. Instructional Video for each module. Step-by-Step Worksheets, and a Completion Certificate.
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